“Retiring” from the Most Amazing Job I Can Imagine

A Message from Chandra Brown, Ogeechee Riverkeeper

I am excited to announce new efforts at Ogeechee Riverkeeper to protect our waters and our communities.  After nearly 10 years as a Riverkeeper, much thought and a few tears, I have decided it is time to step down this spring. Doug and I are expecting our second child in April, and we are so excited to have this opportunity to spend some time focusing on raising our family.

This week, the Board of Directors announced a search for both an Ogeechee Riverkeeper and an Executive Director. As a supporter, please spread the word to help us find the most qualified candidates to lead our organization into the future.

Ogeechee Riverkeeper is looking for a knowledgeable, passionate spokesperson and advocate for the Ogeechee, Canoochee and coastal rivers to work as our full-time Ogeechee Riverkeeper.  

The Board is also searching for an Executive Director to oversee the management, finance, fundraising, communications, governance, and planning for the organization and to support the Riverkeeper and the Board of Directors.  The most successful candidates will have a background in nonprofit management and a demonstrated commitment to the mission of Ogeechee Riverkeeper.

I have been blessed and extraordinarily lucky to have worked with you and thousands of other members and supporters to keep our waterways clean.  Together we have grown a grassroots organization to protect the Ogeechee, Canoochee and coastal rivers.  What began as several small groups of people working to protect their corners of the watershed has grown into a mature and cohesive movement to ensure clean water throughout all of our communities.

Now is the time to intensify those efforts.  I am calling on all of our committed  supporters to help me and our Board of Directors welcome in a new leadership team to make Ogeechee Riverkeeper even more effective.

I know this new direction for the organization will allow us to be more nimble, more responsive and more effective at addressing the pollution issues in YOUR community, in your backyard, and throughout the Ogeechee basin and along the coast.

We have already accomplished so much together.  From stopping polluting landfills, sewage dumps and industries, to advocating for cleaner and healthier communities to educating our children about our waters, we now measure nearly 2,000 members committed to this clean water movement for the Ogeechee, Canoochee and coastal rivers.  I am so proud of all that we have accomplished together.  Join me in my commitment to ensuring clean water in the Ogeechee, Canoochee and coastal rivers for us now and for our childrenPlease make a donation today.

Your support is absolutely critical to ensuring that our efforts continue strong into the future.

Yours Truly,

Chandra Brown

P.S.: We are providing special gifts to donors of $100 or more.  The note cards ($100), reusable water bottles ($250), insulated cooler bags ($500), and fleece vests ($1,000) are all made of reusable or recycled materials.