World Book Day

For World Book Day, we've picked a few of our favorite book covers and illustrations to celebrate.Read Full Post »

Tell Congress: Don’t let EPA weaken the Clean Water Act

A new regulation from the United States Environmental Protection Agency will drastically weaken the Clean Water Act, harming public health, ecosystems, and the economy.Read Full Post »

Draw a watershed

Create your own watershed. Activity is open to all ages and is suitable for homeschool activity for 3-6th graders using Georgia Performance Standards/Standards or Excellence with vocabulary, science and art.Read Full Post »

Fauna: Odonata

Dragonflies and damselflies are closely related insects. Sometimes called 'mosquito hawks,' they are aerial predators that feed on insects such as midges and mosquitoes.Read Full Post »

Fauna: Passerina ciris

The brightly colored bird is a member of the cardinal family and lives in the southeast and south-central United States, including coastal Georgia.Read Full Post »

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