SAVANNAH, GA – October 28, 2016 – Ogeechee Riverkeeper’s presence on the water has become more frequent and a lot easier. Thanks to the addition of a new 15-foot johnboat, generously purchased and donated by The Mechanical Shop in Savannah, the nonprofit organization will have an easier time with water monitoring, patrolling, community outreach and conducting research for ORK’s partnership with the University of Georgia.

This new aluminum Lowe Roughneck johnboat, which can accommodate four passengers, will allow ORK Executive Director and Riverkeeper Emily Markesteyn and Watershed Outreach Coordinator Jesse Demonbreun-Chapman to reach portions of the river that previously were inaccessible.

“There are some stretches we could only get to if a local landowner granted us permission to go through their property. That sometimes complicated things, so we’re excited to have this boat, which will allow us to do our jobs more thoroughly and efficiently,” Demonbreun-Chapman said.

The Mechanical Shop believes equipping this group with the tools they need to work will benefit the river and everyone who depends on its health for their livelihood. Other businesses also aided in the charitable effort. Bulloch Marine gave the Mechanical Shop a discount on the price of the new boat and provided the labor necessary to rig it to ORK’s specifications. Interstate Batteries donated the boat battery, and ActionSigns of Statesboro donated all of the decals for the vessel.

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Editor’s note: Ogeechee Riverkeeper’s mission is to protect, preserve and improve the water quality of the Ogeechee River basin. To accomplish this goal, Ogeechee Riverkeeper strives to amplify the voices of concerned citizens and strengthen their efforts to protect their rivers and their communities.