• Nature poetry
    Turn to the outdoors for poetic inspiration. Submit your poetry contest entry by Wednesday, September 30, 2020 to info@ogeecheeriverkeeper.org.
  • Fauna: Geomys fontanelus 
    Pocket gophers are fossorial creatures, meaning they are excellent diggers and prefer to burrow. They flourish  in the type of soil found under the longleaf pine, which makes them very happy in the Ogeechee River basin. With giant front teeth and long claws, they look threatening, but are mostly harmless rodents. 
  • Membership Drive
    In addition to the various perks ORK offers our members, adding your name to our membership list is critical to our legislative efforts and grant applications. Having a strong team behind us shows that our constituents support our work.
  • Adopt-A-Landing
    We are encouraging families and households to adopt a spot on the river and commit to checking it for litter regularly.
  • Deadfall and what to do with it
    Deadfall is the term for trees, branches or other natural debris that falls into the river. This debris can get caught or pile up, making it difficult, or even impossible, for boaters and paddlers to travel on the river. 
  • Watershed Trivia
    A watershed is a system of how water flows through an area moving sediment, water and dissolved materials into a common point. Submit your trivia answers to info@ogeecheeriverkeeper.org by July 31.
  • Fauna: Dolichovespula maculata
    The bald-faced hornet, also called the bald hornet or the white-faced hornet, is technically a wasp and only a close cousin to the true hornet. It gets its name for the black and white coloring (rather than the typical black and yellow) of its body.
  • What are PFAs?
    PFAs are considered ‘forever chemicals’ because they do not break down in the environment and they accumulate in wildlife, plants and humans. 
  • Tannins and blackwater rivers
    The Ogeechee and Canoochee Rivers are considered ‘blackwater’ rivers. A blackwater river is typically a slow-moving waterway flowing through forests, swamps, or wetlands. As vegetation decays, tannins seep into the ground water or drain into lakes and streams, making a transparent, acidic water that is darkly stained, resembling black tea.
  • Flora: Tillandsia usneoides
    Spanish moss isn't really a moss at all; it's an epiphyte or air plant. Botanically, it is closely related to the pineapple and absorbs nutrients and water through the air and rainfall. The silver-gray plant grows in long, hair-like clumps, hanging from trees in subtropical climates.
  • Scavenger Hunt
    Ogeechee Riverkeeper encourages you to get out and explore the Ogeechee and Canoochee watershed. The challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to photograph the items on this list. All are welcome to play for fun, but there are prizes for those that wish to compete.
  • May Seeds So Summer Feeds
    The seedling activity is open to all ages and is suitable for homeschool activity for K-12 using Georgia Performance Standards/Standards of Excellence with science, earth systems and meteorology.
  • Flora: Ilex vomitoria
    Ossabaw Island, bounded to the north by the Ogeechee River, plays an important role in the history of yaupon. Yaupon is the only plant native to the Americas that contains caffeine.
  • Fauna: Lepomis auritis
    The redbreast sunfish is native to eastern North America and makes its home in freshwater rivers. A relatively small fish, it is considered full grown at by the time it is two inches long.
  • World Book Day
    For World Book Day, we've picked a few of our favorite book covers and illustrations to celebrate.