• Flower Power
    Alter your perspective on these changes by taking photos of the same plants each day. Watch how time passes when you review your images.
  • RELEASE: ORK announces updated Vernon watershed management plan
    Ogeechee Riverkeeper (ORK) and stakeholders from the City of Savannah Water Resources, Chatham County and area residents adopted an updated watershed management plan (WMP) for the Vernon River.
  • Ogeechee Riverkeeper contributes to scientific paper
    Damon Mullis and Checo Colon-Gaud, Ph.D., published their findings on various methods for collecting macroinvertebrates.
  • Fellowship Outreach
    ORK's fellow presented at career day at Nevils Elementary School. She spoke about different projects ORK works on, as well as my own research and university studies.
  • Canoochee Paddle Race – 2023 Results
    The 2023 edition of the Canoochee Paddle Race was held on Earth Day, April 22, from Brewton Bridge to Rocks River, along 7+/- miles of the river. 
  • RELEASE: ORK and City of Savannah to host third rain barrel giveaway
    ORK and the City are holding their third rain barrel giveaway at Daffin Park on Thursday, May 4, 2023.
  • Macroinvertebrate Sampling
    ORK fellow's first round of aquatic macroinvertebrate sampling has been a success in the Ogeechee River.
  • Earth Month Pledge
    This year, ORK challenges everyone to make a pledge for the month of April and complete a service project that benefits the environment. 
  • RELEASE: ORK announces Riverfest at the Mill
    ORK will host Riverfest at the Ogeechee River Mill, on the border of Warren and Hancock counties, on Saturday, April 15, 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.
  • About Flood Pulses
    The winter and spring are the best seasons to notice the phenomenon of flood pulse occurring.
  • Fauna: Lontra canadensis
    River otters call the Ogeechee River basin home. They can thrive in a variety of environments – hot, cold, low lying, mountainous – including freshwater and coastal marine habitats, like rivers, lakes, marshes, swamps, and estuaries.
  • RELEASE: ORK revives popular Canoochee Paddle Race
    Ogeechee Riverkeeper will host the Canoochee Paddle Race on Saturday, April 22, 2023 in Evans County, Georgia.
  • Amphibian Activity
    The frosted flatwoods salamander is unique in Georgia to the Ogeechee River basin and listed as federally threatened conservation status.
  • Flora: Taxodium distichum
    The bald cypress tree is a native to the Ogeechee River basin, with a network that stretches across the southern United States. Under the right conditions, the bald cypress can live for centuries. 
  • Meet Molly McKeon
    I will be performing standard water quality tests, chemical, and bacterial monitoring at these sites following the Georgia Adopt-A-Stream protocols. I’m excited to begin this journey with the Ogeechee Riverkeeper and all of you.