Ogeechee Riverkeeper offers a virtual library of free educational resources for parents, teachers, and curious students.



  • Types of Water
    Not all sources of water are the same and it's important to understand the different terms.
  • Dog Days of Summer
    The month of August is historically known as the Dog Days of Summer which “refers to a period of particularly hot and humid weather occurring during the summer months of July and August in the Northern Hemisphere.”
  • Responsible Hunting and Fishing
    Everyone can be environmental stewards and lead by example with responsible and ethical outdoor practices, especially when it comes to hunting and fishing.
  • Flower Power
    Alter your perspective on these changes by taking photos of the same plants each day. Watch how time passes when you review your images.
  • Earth Month Pledge
    This year, ORK challenges everyone to make a pledge for the month of April and complete a service project that benefits the environment. 
  • Amphibian Activity
    The frosted flatwoods salamander is unique in Georgia to the Ogeechee River basin and listed as federally threatened conservation status.
  • Winter in the Georgia Woods
    Using a guidebook or a citizen science app, walk through a patch of woods, and really take in all the smells, sights and sounds of the woods in the winter season.
  • Water Filtration Activity
    This activity will show you how to use the scientific method to filter water.
  • Monarchs and Milkweed
    Monarchs have just recently been listed as an Endangered Species. Read about the journey of a Monarch butterfly during its lifetime.
  • Pollinators vs. Pollen-Haters
    Seasonal allergies are a pain for humans but we also need that pollen to survive -- we all eat plants and animals that rely on pollinators. In this activity, we will keep our pollinators in mind by practicing being a landscape designer.
  • Birding Basics
    Join in our Basin Bird Bingo and get started birding in our watershed.
  • Earth Month
    We are calling on YOU to celebrate Earth Day with us the entire month of April! Come up with creative, fun and effective ways to better your environment and celebrate the Earth.
  • Define a watershed
    Come up with your own definition of watershed using clear and descriptive words. The best definition of watershed will win some ORK swag!
  • Water, I Love You
    Put on your creativity cap and tell us *why* you love water. Think outside the traditional Valentine’s celebrations. Use any platform, mixed media or words and share that love this year for Valentine’s Day and the month of February.
  • Setting Seasonal Intentions for the Environment
    Do you find it hard to make and keep New Year’s resolutions? Try setting a “seasonal intention” instead! Use your creativity and science skills to come up with ways you can help the environment.
  • Plastic-free Holiday
    This holiday season, we challenge you to think "plastic-free." Get some ideas on how to reduce or completely remove plastic from the holiday gifts you give.
  • Thankful for Nature
    Share what things in nature you are thankful for with us during the month of November
  • Clean Halloween
    During the month of October, you are challenged to add a different kind of trick-or-treating to your routine. Put together a team of no more than 10 people and compete to collect the most trash by October 31!
  • Forest Ecology
    Go outside and find a tree in your backyard, school playground, community park, etc. Once you pick your tree, look at the different characteristics and identify your tree. 
  • Water Conservation
    Fresh water is a finite resource. In addition to keeping our waterways clean, we also try to reduce water usage in general. Companies, businesses, and municipalities all have a responsibility to minimize their water consumption, but there are also a number of ways someone can conserve water in everyday ways. 
  • Twist Tie & Tie Dye
    Do you ever wonder what happens to the small trash from food or other product packaging after it has been thrown in the trash? Instead of throwing these things away, try reusing them -- or even dyeing some clothes.
  • Nature-based Yoga Class
    VIDEO: Enjoy a gentle flow style yoga class with a watershed ecology theme alongside Melanie, our education & outreach coordinator.
  • Stream Ecology
    VIDEO: Find a safe, calm body of water to sample using a net, light-colored bucket and clear cups. Scoop cups into buckets to identify macroinvertebrates and other aquatic life up close.
  • Nature poetry
    These writers turned to the outdoors for poetic inspiration. Read the winners from our first ORK poetry contest.
  • Watershed Trivia
    A watershed is a system of how water flows through an area moving sediment, water and dissolved materials into a common point. Submit your trivia answers to info@ogeecheeriverkeeper.org by July 31.