As part of Ogeechee Riverkeeper’s mission to protect, preserve, and improve the water quality in our basin, ORK will make official comments in response to proposals and permit applications.

These comments become part of the public record and are available for viewing here.


Sign On Letters

Ogeechee Riverkeeper also signs on to letters or petitions spearheaded by other organizations.

24.04.09 – Conservation Group Comments Opposing Mining (with LCV)
24.03.06 – GA community letter to Biden. DW standards
24.02.27 – Rep. Joyce_Plastic Pellet Free Waters Act
24.02.01 – Conservation Group Letter to EPA for Updating the Toxic Pollutant List
24.01.30 – (Joint Letter) General LAS Permit for AFOs
24.01.16 – Achieving Health and Environmental Protection Through EPA’s Meaningful Involvement

23.12.22 – SELC et al. Comments on Maui Guidance
23.12.21 – SELC Comments on Savannah Container Terminal
23.11.17 – Air Permit for Weyerhaeuser