Visitors leave beer cans and half-burned trash on the banks of the Ogeechee River.

While we can’t organize group cleanups right now, we are coordinating individual litter pickups. We are encouraging families and households to adopt a spot on the river and commit to checking it for litter regularly.

One of the busiest, and messiest, places along the river is the landing. From constructed boat ramps to informal sandy spots to put in, these are heavily trafficked areas and tend to accumulate trash.

Our goal is to have each location ‘adopted’ by a dedicated crew who will make sure the litter is collected and disposed of properly.

ORK will provide:

  • Disposable gloves
  • Grabbers
  • Trash bags
  • Documents for volunteer hours, if needed

Volunteers will:

  • Choose a location to adopt
  • Cleanup the location at least once per month
  • Take before and after photos
Young Clean Water Warriors L to R: Shelby, Liam, Emme, Leighton, Finn, Jade, and Lauren.

Please observe safe social distancing. Before heading out, consider the weather and prepare appropriately.¬† Also be advised an ORK staff member will not be in attendance. This clean-up project will be “at your own risk.”

Interested volunteers should visit the map for possible spots to adopt then contact Melanie Sparrow, education and outreach coordinator.