You can help Ogeechee Riverkeeper in a number of ways, regardless of your expertise.

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Adopt-A-Landing program aims to have each location ‘adopted’ by a dedicated crew who will make sure the litter is collected and disposed of properly. Volunteers choose a location to adopt, clean up the location at least once per month, and take before and after photos. Sign up by emailing Melanie Sparrow, outreach coordinator.

A social media ambassador will follow Ogeechee Riverkeeper accounts, share or comment on posts, participate in online campaigns or contests and tag ORK in relevant posts. An ambassador will also receive occasional emails, exclusive graphics, and digital assets, to help launch campaigns and spread the word. Sign up to become a social media ambassador.

* This position can be remote or by appointment, as needed, during Covid-19 * An office assistant will help in the ORK office staff with various assignments including mailings, office organization, and other special projects. Preferred skills include basic computing with Microsoft Office, strong written and verbal communication, interest in ORKs mission, and the ability to take initiative and work independently.

* This position is temporarily unavailable during Covid-19 * Education assistants help ORK staff in educational settings, including classroom programs, Adopt-A-Stream workshops, and local festivals. These volunteers also assist in the development of educational materials to be utilized in ORK programs. Preferred skills include some experience as an educator, a solid base of knowledge concerning natural sciences and environmental issues, and a strong interest in ORKs mission and work.

* This position is temporarily unavailable during Covid-19 * Events volunteers help ORK run our many outreach and fundraising events. Responsibilities may include selling merchandise, running registration, serving food and beverages, selling raffle tickets, or set-up/clean-up. Volunteers do not have to pay for admission at the event they are working unless otherwise noted. Preferred skills include attention to details, strong initiative, and a deep enthusiasm for ORKs mission and work.

* This position is temporarily unavailable during Covid-19 * Boat captains will help ORK gain access to different sections of the Ogeechee and its tributaries via motorboat for the purpose of complaint investigation, research, clean-ups, or safety boat (during a paddle trip). Boat captains must have their own boat.

* This position is temporarily unavailable during Covid-19 * Paddle trip guides assist ORK staff during paddle trips and may be asked to be lead, sweep, or safety boat during our monthly paddle trips. Guides are also expected to assist participants during paddle trips with informal paddle instruction and rescues if necessary. These volunteers will also be invited to accompany ORK staff on scout trips prior to the monthly paddle trips. Preferred skills include formal paddle training in technique as well as rescues. ORK is open to including guest speakers (naturalists, historians, researchers, etc) to accompany us on our paddle trips. Contact us if you or someone you know would be interested in speaking during one of our trips.

* This position is temporarily unavailable during Covid-19 * One-off event volunteers require no special training or experience; just a desire to help keep our water clean. One-off events include clean-ups (on water and on land) and storm drain stenciling. Contact us if you have a class, civic club, or religious group that is interested in organizing a private event.

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