ORK has filed a Letter of Intent to sue the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE).

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The megasite in Bryan County is known by many names but it is undoubtably the largest single construction project in the Ogeechee watershed. The site will be home to an automobile manufacturing facility owned and operated by Hyundai. Additionally, countless support businesses, warehouses, and housing developments are being built — all connected by water and sewer infrastructure and expanded trucking corridors. These pressures, and others, strain the Ogeechee Basin’s already delicate ecosystem.

Ogeechee Riverkeeper is doing all it can to conserve undisturbed natural resources, improve already-impacted waterways, and hold parties responsible for the parts they play in the negative changes.


Permits and Comments

As part of Ogeechee Riverkeeper’s mission to protect, preserve, and improve the water quality in our basin, ORK will make official comments in response to proposals and permit applications. These comments are related to the impacts of the Megasite. View all comments.

USACE 404 Permit Decision Document – Hyundai Megasite

DRI 3709 Final Report

23.03.22 – Notice of No Significant Impact – Bryan County Board of Commissioners – GEFA Loan No. CW-2023-021 and ARPA Grant No. GA-0005950

23.04.21 – North Bryan WRF NONSI comment

23.08.15 – Warehouse zoning variance comments

23.09.29 – North Bryan WRF NPDES permit

23.09.29 – Pembroke WPCP NPDES permit

23.12.21 – SELC Comments on Savannah Container Terminal

24.02.13 – Hyundai Rail Spur wetlands fill permit

22.06.07 – SAS-2015-00235 Public Notice of Application

22.04.25 – State of GA letter of intent to Hyundai Motor

Related to water withdrawal requests

Hoffstadter & Associates Prel Eng Report

Well 1 – Application Package

Well 2 – Application Package


ORK+ARK+OHM Hinesville-Long Co Groundwater Withdrawal Permit

Bryan-Bulloch Counties – DRAFT Special Conditions

Bulloch Wells Special Conditions comment

Georgia Comprehensive State Water Management Plan – 2008


Ogeechee Riverkeeper is conducting long-term monitoring, upstream and downstream, of the Megasite. This monitoring includes baseline data and will ORK to know if any number of indicators fluctuates. Remote probes check dissolved oxygen (DO), pH, conductivity, and temperature every thirty minutes.

Note: Occasional breaks in data occur when probe requires maintenance.

Dissolved Oxygen (DO) refers to the O² dissolved in water. The amount of DO is an important part of stream ecosystems, because it determines whether or what types of organisms can live in a given stream segment. Georgia standards for dissolved oxygen specify a daily average of 5.0 mg/L and an instantaneous minimum of 4.0 mg/L.

The pH of water is a measure of the concentration of hydrogen ions. A pH value of 7 is neutral, below 7 is acidic, and above 7 is alkaline. Georgia standards for pH specify pH in a range of 6 – 8.5 as acceptable.

Specific conductivity estimates the total mass of ions in water. Conductivity is proportional to the relative amount of electricity that can be conducted by water. The more dissolved ions present the higher the conductivity. Conductivity can be correlated to pollution loads. There are no state standards for specific conductance for the Ogeechee River.


These images show the tremendous impact on the local landscape and the sheer scope of the project. Please contact ORK to request permission to use these images elsewhere.

Hyundai Megasite, April 2024. I-16 is in foreground.
Hyundai Megasite, April 2024. Retention pond and Black Creek is in foreground.
GA Ports, Savannah, April 2024.
Warehouses in foreground, Hyundai Megasite and I-16 in background, March 2023. Photo by One Hundred Miles.
Hyundai Megasite Clearing, I-16 in background, March 2023. Photo by One Hundred Miles.

By The Numbers

2541.25 acres – Hyundai Megasite footprint

52 million square feet & 124 new warehouses – Chatham, Effingham and Bryan Counties between 2018-2023

800 acres – wetlands filled or destroyed for warehouses in Chatham, Effingham and Bryan Counties between 2020-2023


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