Earth Month Pledge

The month of April is known for Earth Day. This year, ORK challenges everyone to make a pledge for the month of April and complete a service project that benefits the environment. 

Stick with one type of service or do several things. Get creative! Here are some suggestions:

  • Litter cleanups on public land or in your neighborhood
  • Plant a pollinator garden at home, school, or work
  • Start a Sustainability Club at school or work
  • Only shop with reusable bags
  • Save water in your home to water your plants and keep track of how much water is saved with a pitcher or 2L bottle)
  • Only shop at thrift stores or consignment stores for clothing and household items

Bonus: If you are located within the Ogeechee River watershed, ORK can provide volunteer credit for service. Provide the following: location of service, photos of service, and total volunteer hours for April in order to receive credit. Send it to