Members-Only: Happy Hour with the National Weather Service

Join Blair Holloway, Lead Meteorologist at National Weather Service (NWS), for happy hour. He will lead an informal presentation and chat about weather and its effects on our environment. 

Blair will provide an overview of the National Weather Service hydrology program, including the network of gauges across southeast Georgia. Blair will also cover information regarding how flood stages are set for gauges, how forecasts are generated for select gauge locations, and other resources available. 

Enjoy some drinks, snacks, and fellowship with ORK members and Blair!

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Blair is a lead forecaster at the National Weather Service office in Charleston, SC. Blair has been a forecaster at the Charleston office since 2011 and has been in the National Weather Service since 2004. Outside of being a lead forecaster, Blair oversees the office hydrology program, managing the network of available water level gauges across southeast South Carolina and southeast Georgia.