Plastic-free Holiday

This holiday season, we challenge you to think “plastic-free.” Join us in a pledge to reduce or completely remove plastic from the holiday gifts you give, as well as what they are wrapped in. If you do online ordering, look into how the items are shipped.

  • Get creative with alternative wrapping. Use newspapers, paper bags, or fabrics. Make bows from bits of ribbon, strips of unused fabric, or even shoelaces! Find embellishments like sprigs or pinecones to tie on. 
  • Purchase from responsible sellers. Try to find local sellers to avoid packing and shipping, or find sellers who use compostable or reusable shipping materials. 
  • Choose sustainable gifts. Try to purchase items that don’t use plastic or are otherwise produced sustainably. 

Not to toot our own horn but you can give a gift membership from ORK! It’s 100% plastic-free! You can also get ideas here and here.

Share your gift or gift wrapping ideas with us at or on social media during the month of December.