Clean Halloween

During the month of October, you are challenged to participate a different kind of trick-or-treating. Put together a team of no more than 10 people and compete to collect the most trash by October 31! ORK will provide a prize to the team who collects the most trash (by weight).


  • Make note of the location, take a photo, weigh total trash and/or recycling collected per team/individual, and send it in to
  • Trash collection must be conducted on public lands or have permission from private landowners/river landings.
  • Each team is responsible for supplying their own litter collection supplies.
  • Each team is responsible for discarding the trash/recycling collected. BONUS: Email a picture of any repurposed item or sustainable solution.
  • Teams are encouraged to include friends/family members within your “COVID bubble,” i.e. not strangers -or- use masks and/or social distancing.

Creativity is encouraged with team name and Halloween or fall costumes (must be family friendly and appropriate for outdoor activities). Team Trash Panda, anyone?