Nature-based Yoga Class

Enjoy a gentle flow style yoga class with a watershed ecology theme alongside Melanie, our education & outreach coordinator (RYT 200).

This class is open to all ages and levels. It meets Georgia Standards of Excellence in Science for 7th and 8th grades with some topics and vocabulary appropriate for other grade levels. Contact for more information.

Suggested Activity

Listen for these vocabulary words during class and see if you can remember the definitions:

  • Watershed
  • Headwaters
  • Ecosystem
  • Environmental stewards
  • Wiregrass ecosystem (aka Longleaf Pine Ecosystem)
  • Ectothermic
  • Keystone species

Setting Seasonal Intentions for the Environment

via National Wildlife Federation

Do you find it hard to make and keep New Year’s resolutions? Try setting a seasonal intention instead!

Use your creativity and science skills to come up with ways you can help the environment. This can be as simple as reducing energy or water use within your own home or a larger-scale river or community clean up. We can all be stewards of the environment on a local or global level — at any age.

Identify 3 ways you can be an environmental steward* and set these as your seasonal intentions. Keep a journal of your adventures, take pictures, make art, or use any other creative method to track your progress. Share your seasonal intentions to inspire those around you. 

Send in images of your activity so we can share it on social media. Email us at

*Environmental Steward –  Someone who is a responsible user and a protector of the natural environment through conservation and sustainable practices.

This activity can be used as enrichment alongside Project Learning Tree activity “Every Drop Counts.” Every Drop Counts is appropriate for grades 4-8 under science, social Studies and math. The Seasonal Intentions project is appropriate for all ages and incorporates both STEM and art learning concepts.